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April 19th, 2010 dpdeco13

It’s that time of year for prospective students. Decision time. At this point, most high school seniors know their options for the future, and for those who haven’t made a choice yet, the deadlines are rapidly approaching. I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the entire college application process, and I remember spending hours debating my future and hoping to make the choice that suited me best.

As it turned out, I made the right decision. When I interviewed for this position as a student blogger, I expressed that my primary goal was to help provide prospective students with a realistic inside look at what it means to be a student at Holy Cross. Up until this point, I’ve done so primarily through personal stories and anecdotes, and I’ve attempted to paint a sort of literary portrait that might help my readers garner a certain understanding of what day to day life entails.

Seeing as this is a fundamentally important time in the life of hundreds of prospective students, however, I’d like to shift the theme a little bit this time around. This is not to say I’ll be abandoning the life stories that must be told, believe me, I will tell them. But at the same time, I’d like to make this blog more interactive. It will no longer just be me writing. Instead, it will be you, the reader, interacting and playing a greater role in what you read. Consider this post an invitation.

One of my idols is Bill Simmons. Simmons and I share a lot in common: we both grew up in New England, we both love the same sports teams, we both love to write, and yes, Bill Simmons went to Holy Cross. Today, Simmons is a columnist for (Read his work here) and the writer of one of my favorite books of all time, The Book of Basketball (you can ask my family, they saw me laughing myself to tears one day while I was reading). You may be wondering what any of this has to do with what I was getting at earlier, but here comes the connection: Simmons includes in a “Mailbag” in his column, in which he answers the emails that his readers send him. Some emails ask for his opinion, others present interesting ideas, and others don’t seem to have much relevance to anything, but are entertaining nonetheless.

So, to borrow an idea from on of my heroes, I’d like to cordially invite you to write in and to make this blog yours as much as it is mine. After all, the writer is nothing without the reader.

Have questions? Ask them. Comments? Leave them. Personal stories? Ideas? Seemingly irrelevant tidbits? Share them.

You can flip through catalogs, visit websites, take tours, and do any number of other things to get a sense for college life, but you can never get too much information. That’s why it’s my pleasure to provide a new forum for information: my inbox.

Comment on this post below, or email me directly at

Welcome aboard. Happy to have you.

9 Responses to “Prospective Student? Your Turn.”

  1. Philipovich Gorczya says:

    Dear Dan,
    I am a prospective student from Poland and have been accepted by the Colege for the fall. I have also been accepted by some prestigious colleges in the States. Do you know of any other Polish students I could talk too? If not, are there adequate learning center services to help me with my writing? Thank you,
    Philipovich Gorczya

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