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Free time? I’m sorry, have we met?

February 12th, 2010 dpdeco13

This week has been quiet – suspiciously quiet. Somehow I was not only up to date on my homework this week, I was ahead. It was a feeling with which I had little experience, and quite honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I can’t help but wonder how it happened. After all, since arriving at college I’ve had the pedal pressed firmly to the floor, totally foreign to the idea of slowing down. And now this? Now I have time for naps? Now I can get back from the gym or the basketball court at 11 p.m. and not have to finish homework? Now I can sleep for eight, nine, or ten hours every night? I’m scaring myself. It’s like I don’t even know me anymore.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my free time; I’m just confused by it. That’s why this post will take an investigative look into the details that brought me to this juncture. ‘But Danny,’ you might be thinking, ‘why would you spend a whole blog trying to pinpoint the reason you have free time?’ Well, the answer lies in the question. I’ve got some down time.

Here are the possible causes, as I’ve identified them, in no particular order:

Cause #1 – Home for the weekend

Why it could be:

Last weekend, I took a trip back home to the great state of New Hampshire to see my family. At home I’ve got a lot of my own space where I can enjoy the peace and quiet. At school the lively atmosphere can at times grab my attention and thus prolong my work time. Since I was able to complete all of my work for Monday and Tuesday on Saturday, I had a head start on the week. Since everyone I knew was working on the work due at the beginning of the week, I was able to get a jump on the Wednesday-Thursday assignments. My NH visit seems to be a strong candidate for leading reason for down time.

The problem: I won’t be going home every weekend (sorry Mom and Dad). If I’m still ahead next week, this cause will lose credibility.

Cause #2 – Course load

Why it could be:

My schedule seems to be working in my favor thus far, and the work of my courses hasn’t been altogether gruesome. My Montserrat is more interesting this semester than last, so the readings go quicker. I got a hang of the processes of Spanish classes last semester, so I know how to handle those assignments. Philosophy requires a great deal of mental focus during class time, but the amounts of homework are not so copious that I feel overwhelmed. Sociology demands a good deal of reading, but the total homework time is significantly less than that of the poetry class I took during the same time slot last semester.

The problem: Holy Cross doesn’t offer too many courses with small workloads. This either means the “Homework Monster” (a term coined by my friend and co-blogger Katharine Shapleigh) is waiting to strike, or I’ve somehow landed in an alternate reality. Unfortunately, the former seems most likely. I’ll have my mom check under my bed.

Cause #3 – A skyrocketing motivation

Why it could be:

It seems to be a logical explanation. Maybe the reason I felt so crammed last semester was that I didn’t have the drive to get ahead. Maybe something clicked this week. Maybe I’ve been inspired by something and I’m never looking back to the days of procrastination. Maybe for the remainder of my academic career I’ll have the ‘work now, relax later’ attitude instead of the opposite.

The problem:

Maybe none of what I just wrote was true.

Cause #4 – I’ve got it all figured out

Why it could be:

Just humor me. I’ve got a semester under my belt. I’ve got a lot more experience with the college world now than I did in August, and I’ve learned a lot about time management. Perhaps I’ve struck the perfect balance between academics, extracurriculars, and free time, and that balance is here to stay.

The problem:

Trust me, I want this to be the real cause more than any of the others, but I’ve got my doubts. This solution definitely seems too good to be true.

What we can conclude

All of the potential causes have merit. It could be one of, none of, or a combination of, any of them. I’m not ready to testify in front of a jury with regard to my free time, but if nothing else we’ve scratched the surface on a seemingly-phenomenal issue.

More than anything though, I was able to kill an hour of free time with this post.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think a nap is in order.

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